Welcome to the 12th year

September 10, 2010
Welcome to the 12th year of "Encounters in Bioethics".  First, I wish to acknowledge the enormous contribution that Dr. Kotalik as director of the Centre for Health Care Ethics had in bringing the series together and promoting health care ethics in NW Ontario and beyond.  I have a big role to fill in and I am glad that he continues to be part of the Centre's function.
Traditionally, the Centre for Health Care Ethics organizes a series of eight presentations on a variety of topics in health care ethics.  Our goal is to reach not only people working in health care, but also members of the general public.  The format of the series allows for exciting discussions, and we are glad to offer such space.  We have kept the format from last year:  2-hour evening sessions and condensed 1-hour noon sessions the next day for most presentations.  The sessions are made available through videoconfernce to sites across Ontario.
We hope that the selected topics for the coming year will address at least some of your own ethical quandaries.  Please share any suggestions with us and we will try to accommodate your educational needs.  We also want to acknowledge the immense assistance of the Centre's institutional members, whose contribution makes this program possible.
Julija Kelecevic, MD, PhD(can)
Director, Centre for Health Care Ethics
Lakehead University

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